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Macan 80,000 Service

8 Years

80,000 Miles

Major service

80,000 mile Inspection

Engine Oil & Filter

Pollen Filter

Spark Plugs

Air Filter

Fuel Filter (Diesel Only)

Spark Plugs (Petrol Only)

  • Plug in and read diagnostics

  • Replace oil and filter

  • Fuel Filter (Diesel Only)

  • Spark Plugs (Petrol Only)

  • PDCC: check fluid level

  • Inspection of vehicle underside  & engine

  • Check coolant hoses

  • Check coolant levels & antifreeze

  • Check radiator vents & intakes for debris

  • Check brake system, brake hoses and lines 

  • Check drive shafts and CV boots,

  • Check all suspension and steering joints,

  • Check tyre condition and pressures,

  • Lubricate locks and hinges

  • Check electrical equipment

  • Check windscreen wash/wipe

  • Check power steering and fluid level

  • Check lighting system

  • Replace pollen filter

  • Remove wheels clean up and lube hubs

  • Check and adjust handbrake

  • Check exhaust

  • Check seatbelts

  • Test drive

  • Wash and vacuum

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