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Macan 40,000 mile Service

4 years 40,000miles

Major service

40,000 mile Inspection

Engine Oil & Filter

Pollen Filter

Spark Plugs (Petrol)

Air Filter

Fuel Filter (Diesel)

  • Plug in and read diagnostics

  • Replace oil and filter

  • Fuel Filter (Diesel Only)

  • Spark Plugs (Petrol Only)

  • PDCC: check fluid level

  • Inspection of vehicle underside  & engine

  • Check coolant hoses

  • Check coolant levels & antifreeze

  • Check radiator vents & intakes for debris

  • Check brake system, brake hoses and lines 

  • Check drive shafts and CV boots,

  • Check all suspension and steering joints,

  • Check tyre condition and pressures,

  • Lubricate locks and hinges

  • Check electrical equipment

  • Check windscreen wash/wipe

  • Check power steering and fluid level

  • Check lighting system

  • Replace pollen filter

  • Remove wheels clean up and lube hubs

  • Check and adjust handbrake

  • Check exhaust

  • Check seatbelts

  • Test drive

  • Wash and vacuum

All servicing carried out to Porsche factory schedules

 with OE Porsche parts and Mobil lubricant (other parts available upon request)

All prices INCLUDE VAT

All parts are 2019 prices and are subject to change without notice

A £17 sundries and environmental waste disposal charge will be added to each job

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