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Selling your car with a Reason Porsche " sale or return" option couldn’t be easier. We take out the hassle of selling privately and aim to achieve the best possible price for you the seller, whilst providing peace of mind, secure inside storage, finance facilities and possible part exchange for the discerning buyer. 

We charge an initial fee of just £150 Plus VAT which is to fully inspect your car for suitability, If your car meets our sales high standard, we will deduct the fee from our commission once the car is sold.

If your Porsche requires any pre-sales work/repairs, it will be firstly approved by you the owner, prior to being carried out and either paid upfront by you, or deducted from the return price on completion of sale.

Nothing is due until the sale, then our fee will be deducted from the final sale price.

What does it cost?

·    £150+VAT Initial inspection Fee (refunded/deducted on final sale fee)

·    Commission 10%+VAT of sale price. Minimum £2500 plus VAT


What if I decide to keep the car or sell myself?

Should for any reason the said vehicle is not sold and/or returned for any reason, any service work that has been prior approved by you and carried out, will be reimbursed in full to Reason Porsche, before the vehicle can be released, including the initial inspection fee

Time scale

Depending on the Porsche you have the market can vary and change. Most of the Porsche’s we sell are sold within a couple of months. However, market conditions can change. The vehicle condition, colour combination, specification, mileage, service history can sometimes have an adverse effect to the desirability of your Porsche. We would therefore review the price and market every 3 months if required.

What's included? 

·    Inspection report

·    Photography

·    Marketing

·    Storage 

·    Test drive Insurance

·    Customer viewings

·    Test drives

·    Warranty

·    New MOT


Our promise

The vehicle will be stored in locked undercover premises and will be insured by Reason Cars whilst being driven for work to be carried out or for accompanied test-drive purposes by our trade insurance. Otherwise, it will be continued to be insured by the owner as stated above.

We would advise that you contact your insurer and inform them that the vehicle will be stores away inside a inside our locked storage facility .


Any work/repairs that is required will be firstly paid for by Reason Porsche and agreed by the owner prior to being carried out. Should for any reason the said vehicle is not sold, any work that has been agreed completed, will be reimbursed in full to Reason Porsche before the vehicle can be released. 


No charges of any advertising, marketing costs, valeting or storage will be included or charged. 

Under no circumstances will the vehicle be released without cleared funds to any prospective buyer.

Upon the sale of the vehicle the full agreed amount would be paid within 24hrs of the monies/funds being received and cleared into our account.


Outright purchase

In some case’s we will offer to buy your car outright, but this will depend on our stock levels, the car and market conditions. 



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