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Many Porsche Boxster's can suffer from, firstly the usual straps requiring being renewed and/or adjusting, so that it retracts correctly back into the channels. In addition dirt, grime and often green mildew can make a nice car look old and un-cared for. We can also replace the knuckle ball joints at an extra cost of £50 per side.

We use a multi cleaning process of steam, non bleaching anti-mould chemicals and scrubbing. Once we are happy that its the best it can possibly be, we then treat the hood with a Cabriolet/Convertible impregnation spray which not only makes the roof look new again, it makes it water/dirt repellent and importantly also mould resistant for at least 12 months.

The vehicle will take 2 days to complete the process. We can also offer a delivery/collection service by trailer which will be charged at £2 per mile (round trip.


We can of course add a full detailed valet which includes leather seat clean and degrease, wheels removed and clean internally as well as externally, the cost is additional £85. All prices include VAT

Full Hood Refurbishment

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