Reason Cars are proud to recommend to our "Sports Car" owners Total Car Control, who offer ‘Dynamic Handling’ courses at Millbrook, using the various test tracks there to help people explore, understand and safely exploit their car’s performance characteristics as well as develop techniques, smoothness and finesse; plus ‘On Road’ courses from Cambridge, focusing on developing a swift, safe and immensely rewarding and satisfying driving style that brings cars to life. 


"Above all else, everything  is tailored to what each customer wants from time with me; this is a completely bespoke service.  Some come to us in their first sports car, others have had many over the years, building the performance stakes until they appreciate being out-smarted by the power available to them.  Some want to become very fast, others just want the confidence (based on ability) to enjoy their car.  Our youngest client was 17 (in a new F10 M5!) and the oldest is currently 79."


Ivan Thompsett

Lead Trainer


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